My Home in Chiang Rai

Yesterday was the 4th of July but here in Thailand, that is nothing special. I met my friend Pim at Central Plaza shopping mall and we had lunch at the food court then did a bit of shopping for a few things I needed. Afterward, she followed me back to my home (she followed me home, mom, can I keep her?).

Anyway, I gave her the 2 cent tour of my new home so I thought I would do the same here. Below is my bedroom, at least one view of it.



Here is another view of the bedroom showing my desk.

Desk area of the bedroom


A final shot of the bedroom. Just behind me when I am at the desk is a nice sitting area with a sofa and two chairs. On the left is an 88 key Clavinova I can play as inspiration strikes.

Sitting area of the bedroom


Here is a shot of my kitchen.


Below is a thumbnail panorama looking out from my veranda. Click on the image to see a larger view. Depending on your browser, you can click the larger view to zoom in or zoom out and scroll left and right to see the whole thing.


Here is the guest bedroom showing the king size bed. You can see the air conditioner above and there is also a fan.


Although it's kind of dark (hard to balance with the brightness out the window), here is the desk area of the guest suite.


The guest suite even has its own sitting area.


The guest suite includes a soaking tub big enouogh for two.


And for completeness, the guest suite does have its own bathroom.

Well, that’s enough for now.

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