Other Writing

Leaving America
This is a brief tale of my two years leading up to departing America and taking up residence in Thailand.
Life Goes On in Chiang Rai
This is the final blog from my nearly one year stay in Chiang Rai. It is mostly about food: what and where I ate while living there.
Life in Chiang Rai
Mostly about driving in rural Thailand and what drivers are like here. Hint: we're not in Kansas anymore.
My Home in Chiang Rai
A brief tour of my home in Chiang Rai with photographs.
Bangkok to Chiang Rai
Spending time with Friends in Bangkok. Moving my new home in Chiang Rai
A Year in Thailand
Trials and tribulations about travelling to Thailand and lost luggage.
Intelligent Design?
This critique of Intelligent Design is an opinion essay. If it offends you, great. Intelligent Design offends me.
The Old Milonguero
This is a work of fiction. It was inspired by people and places I knew in Buenos Aires but the people in the story are fictional and merely inspired by others, and they do not describe any actual persons.