Thailand, Spring 2006

I left for Thailand on May 9 at 6:25am and arrived on May 10 just before midnight. I will chronicle my experiences and impressions in the chapters below. If the chapter is not a link, it means I haven't written and uploaded it yet. I'm keeping my computer's system clock on Oregon date and time so the "last Updated" date stamp at the bottom of each page will not reflect Thailand dates.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Thumbnails of the photos I took are below. You can see the full size versions by clicking on the small image.

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Duranee and Me Duranee and Krisda Noi and Tai Inside Parntip Plaza
Barry at Suda Barry next to Ronald doing the "Wye" of respect Chuvit Garden, a privately owned park Barry and Rudy at the Sheraton Cafe
View from Chong Nonci sky train station John's house from kitchen John's house kitchen and dining room Durian fruit at the supermarket
Cell phone booths at MBK Cell phone booths at MBK Sukhumvit from pedestrian bridge, Sky Train above Jungle view from the raised concrete "road"
Barry is leading the way ...and I took the one less traveled by... ...and that has made all the difference About 2 meters above the jungle floor
A tin shack in the jungle More trees in the jungle We stopped here for something cool to drink A new bridge under construction
The port of Bangkok Seafood vendor Steamed fish and fresh produce Barry charmed the ladies while buying sunglasses
Dog sleeping as we wait for the ferry Buddha watching over the harbor Aisle sign in Tokyu supermarket