Thailand, Summer 2007

This trip was from June 15 to July 9, 2007. I'm putting the chapters up as I write them so the list will grow every few days of my trip.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Thumbnails of the photos I took are below. You can see the larger versions by clicking on the small image.

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My room at the Dynasty Grande hotel My room at the Dynasty Grande hotel Madee at new furniture store Madee and me
Popular spirit house Bamboo scaffolding on modern construction Getting a Chiang Mai foot massage Site of my two days of cooking classes
Produce at the market during the cooking class market tour Produce at the market during the cooking class market tour Over a dozen different kinds of rice in bulk My wonderful instructor Yui
Preparing Paenang curry paste from scratch Yui introduced me to this lady at the market. She's looking for a husband. Getting to know a baby elephant Crystal feeding sugar cane to a baby elephant.
It's bath time for the elephants. Coming in for the elephant show holding the tail in front Not the best way to ride an elephant Elephants playing a variety of musicical instruments
Ora Chai painting a flowerering tree. We start our treck by crossing the river Lilly and Ivana in front of us. Crystal and me take by our driver
Ox cart we took back to the elephant camp Ivana amd me on the bamboo raft Lilly, Crystal, Ivana, and Me on the raft Another group trekking on elephants
A friendly makak monkey that likes to sit on our laps. Lilly really likes him. Orchids More orchids
And more orchids Doi Suthep More Doi Suthep Still more Doi Suthep
Dinner at Suda with my friend Ey Hot Dog Eating Contest John Independence Day Celebration at the American Embassy
Rudi's Pool Dinner on Night 2 in Pattaya Jip, Meow, and Peggy Best, Me, Pan, Jip, Meow, and Peggy
Pan, Best, Jip, Me, Meow, and Peggy Pan, Mon, Dit, Peggy, Meow, Jip, and Me World's Largest Pagoda It just stopped Raining on Meow, Pan, & Mon
Pan, Dit, and Peggy Pan, Jip, Meow, Mon, Peggy, and Dit Meow Praying at the Buddha Shrine Peggy and Dit
Pan and Mon Meow Jip Copy of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring painted in Pattaya and hanging above my bed in Corvalls