Thailand, Fall 2008

This is an account of my trip to Thailand November 3 to November 27, 2008 extended until December 7 by the closure of the main airports in Thailand.

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Thumbnails of the photos I took are below. You can see the larger versions by clicking on the small image.

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Barry with May, Ai, Patimon, and Peak Jewelers hard at work A view of Bangkok's Oldest Temple View from the top of the oldest temple.
Another view of the oldest temple The city beyond the oldest temple Buddha's at the oldest temple Rudi with girlfriend Thyda in Phenom Penh
Rudi at the Russian Market A vew from my hotel room window. The market next to my Phnom Pehn Hotel The market next to my Phnom Pehn Hotel
Walking through the market More of the market The street through the market A typical street in Phnom Penh
The temple next to hotel in Phnom Penh The temple next to hotel in Phnom Penh The temple next to hotel in Phnom Penh Loy Krathong at Lunpini Park, Bangkok
Barry's Office at Chulalongkorn U. Sukhumvit street vendors from above Sukhumvit street vendors from above Sukhumvit vendors stalls early morning
Street vendors from across the street Typical small Bangkok apartments (rear) The Chao Phaya river was overflowing. A tourist boat on the Chao Phaya river
Nut and Madee at dinner Me with Nut and Madee at dinner Barry's top 5 students taken to lunch Barry with Swedish student Simon
Notice the discounted price on the sign Actually happier than I look at breakfast Barry, Thyda, and Isabella at Brunch Thyda, Isabella, Rudi, and Jessica at brunch
Here I am at brunch Rudi's pool from my bedroom balcony Same pool, different view My bedroom at Rudi's
My bedroom at Rudi's Rudi's seldom used third floor game room The front of Rudi's house The rear of Rudi's house
Rudi's live-in servant's quarters Rudi's living room Granite stairs to 2nd floor bedrooms Rud's kitchen teak cabinets
Another view of Rudi's kitchen An amusing sign at the supermarket Bob and Da on Rudi's back porch Nearby resturant with Rudi's big motorcycle
Horse cart that took us to the elephants The first sight of the Sanctuary of Truth One of these is me Barry on the last steps down the bluff
The entrance Inside carvings Outside Inside carvings
Outside carving details More details Still more details Inside carvings
Inside carvings The curved ceiling panels The easy way to view the Sanctuary Carvers
Carvings placed around the roof edge The restaurant and lagoon The dolphin show Not my kind of attractions
Looking north on Pattaya Beach Looking south on Pattaya Beach Pattaya Bay Pattaya City (same view point as the Bay)