ScoreKeeper Video Flasher™

ScoreKeeper Video Flasher displays are designed to replace the old fashioned manual flashers. Each unit has three television video screens arranged in a triangle facing outward so they can be seen from any angle.  They are mounted on a stable tripod that can be placed next to a head judge table or wherever is convenient.  Then connect to ScoreKeeper either via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

The flasher displays a series of screens and you have complete control over what is shown and for how long. Below you can see the options and corresponding sample display for each of the screens available on the flasher. Click an option screen image to see it full size. Some of the colors used in the sample display screens are different than what is shown on the corresponding option screen so you can see a few more of the millions (yes, millions) of color combinations you can choose.

In addition to the screen samples below, click here to watch a video of the ScoreKeeper Video Flasher in action at an actual meet. Due to the options selected at that meet, not all of the possible screens are shown in the video.

Options Screen

Sample Display

There is no display screen associated with this option screen. This screen lets you select which of the following display screens to show and for how many seconds each.
The green flag is just what its name indicates. Instead of the judge raising a tiny flag that can be difficult to see in a busy venue, the bright green (or whatever color you want) screen gives you a countdown of the number of seconds remaining for the gymnast to begin the performance.
Green Flag Green Flag
You can display the name of the event in whatever font and colors you choose. The font size is automatically adjusted for longer or shorter event names.
Event Event
In addition to setting font and colors for the gymnast name, you can choose whether to scroll names that are are too wide to fit on the screen or to resize names to fit the screen. The gymnast's name will remain on the display until the judges' scores have been entered.
Gymnast Gymnast
Once judges' scores are entered the flaher displays a sequence of up to three screens for each judge. It starts with the judge number as shown below. You can indicate an optional minimum number of times the judge sequence will be displayed before showing final scores.
Judge Judge
You have the option of displaying a screen that combines the judge start value and score onto a single screen or use separate screens for these scores. The screen below shows the combined display. Using the options on the combo screen, you can use a two-screen sequence showing the above judge information plus the combo screen or just use the combo screen alone by including the judge number in the label text.
Start Value Start Value
If using sepearate screens rather than the combined screen, the second screen in the two or three-screen judge sequence is the judges start value. When only one start value is used per gymnast the single start value, the D score, is shown only after judge 1.
Start Value Start Value
The third screen in the judge sequence is the judge's execution or E score.
Judge Score Judge Score

When the head judge indicates that the individual judge scores are within the appropriate range, and all of the setup requirements are met, the final score is displayed. After the final score displays, an option lets you continue to cycle through the judge sequence or just hold the final score until moving on to the final screen.

Final Score Final Score
The final screen is optional and is any graphic image of your choosing. Naturally, we like to display our logo.
Graphic Image Graphic Image



Customer supplies 3 flat screen televisions per unit. Each TV can be up to 32" diagonal and must have an HDMI input connection. Televisions must also have 75x75 or 100x100 VESA mounting holes.

Computer and Network

Customer supplies 1 Windows based computer (typically an inexpensive laptop). It must be networked to the main ScoreKeepere computer. A wired network is recommended. A cloaked Wi-Fi netowrk can also be used.


Each unit includes a heavy duty tripod with pneumatically assisted lift and a wheeled tipod dolly for easy mobility. The tripod connects to a heavy-duty adapter to which the televisions are mounted.


All HDMI cables included. Also included is a power strip to power the electronic components.


Each component has it's manufacturer's warranty. No additional warranty is offered by Peter Gysegem Software.