ScoreKeeper 2015 History

This page lists the version history for ScoreKeeper starting with the 2015 version. Click here to see the history for another season.

You can jump to any release by clicking a link below. Listings show the most recent release first.

Lists of changes and fixes to each Windows version of ScoreKeeper are on separate pages for each season and version. Click on the version to see the changes for that season.

Version 2015.002 (4/14/2015)

Problems Corrected

Meet Live Stats Web Page
The date and time when the results were last updated were incorrect.
The scoreboard was sending scores twice for individuals in a team meet when set to include all events, not just the current or last event.
Scoreboard Definitions
Some fields were disabled when they should have been enabled and vice versa.

Version 2015.001 (2/27/2015)

Changes and New Features

Downloading Troester Data
Minor changed to thdownload and import process.
XML Meet Data Export
You can now choose the order in which the teams appear in the file.
Deleting the Home Team from a Meet
A warning was added when a user attempts to delete the home team from a meet.
Home Team Gymnasts
Added code to attempt to automatically match gymnasts to the corresponding Troester gymnast.

Problems Corrected

Home Team Stats Web Page
Corrected a problem where team neutral deductions were not included in the scores.
The statistics by gymnast and team details meet results report used the strike-through font attribute for exhibition performaces but the PDF generator does not support that attribute so they were changed to a lighter gray color instead.
Team Gymnasts
When editing a gymnast in a meet where there was a Troester Team ID but the Gymnast ID was blank, the program would crash.
Meet Judges
The check box to indicate whether a judge’s scores were counted was always disabled.

Version 2015.000 (12/23/2014)

Changes and New Features

Print to PDF Files
A new report option lets you print reports to PDF files instead of the printer.
Home Team Gymnast Name
If you change or correct a home team gymnast's name, ScoreKeeper will now ask if you would like to change the name in all of the meets in which that gymnast is listed.
Team Neutral Deductions
On the score entry screen in the main ScoreKeeper program, when a team neutral deduction has been entered for the current team, the team neutral deduction button is changed to red.
ScoreKeeper Remote
Added an option to disable entering team neutral deductions on ScoreKeeper Remote.
ScoreKeeper Viewer
When viewing event results when there are two vaults, changed to show the score in red if only the first vault has been performed.
Video Scoreboards
Changed to show gymnast's last names and first initials to distinguish between gymnasts with the same last name.
All-Americans Report
Added a new report requested by the women's gymnastics coaches association to calculate All-American winners at the national championships.
Women's Individual Event Finals Report
The report was changed to give it a more professional and "official" appearance.
The three user guides were reformatted and changed to landscape mode to be more readable on the screen.

Problems Corrected

XML Results
For multi-session meets where the option is to include the current session only, the rotations for the other session were being included, albeit with garbage data.
Timer Screen
The timer screen did not save and restore the screen position from the last time it was set.