ScoreKeeper 2016 History

This page lists the version history for ScoreKeeper starting with the 2016 version. Click here to see the history for another season.

You can jump to any release by clicking a link below. Listings show the most recent release first.

Lists of changes and fixes to each Windows version of ScoreKeeper are on separate pages for each season and version. Click on the version to see the changes for that season.

Version 2016.006 (3/18/2016)

Problems Corrected

XML Output
In 2-session meets, data was not correct for session 2.
XML Path
The XML folder path in the program preferences was not being checked to make sure it was a valid path.

Version 2016.005 (2/18/2016)

Changes and New Features

New Championship Score Sheet Report
A new score sheet for women's gymnastics national championships was added.

Version 2016.004 (2/4/2016)

Changes and New Features

ScoreKeeper Flasher
The number of seconds for each of the screen times (except for the countdown start flag) were changed to allow up to 999 seconds.

Version 2016.003 (2/1/2016)

Problems Corrected

Multiple Home Teams
The program was preventing people from entering a second home team (i.e. both men's and women's teams).
Meet Home Team
The program was setting all teaks in the meet as the home team.
Gymnast Stats Report
The report wouldn't show a valid score of zero.

Changes and New Features

Scoreboard Display Order
The order in which teams are displayed on scoreboards that use the scoreboard definitions is now determined by a setting in the scoreboard definition and the display order setting on the Advenced tab of the meet teams. Previously, a meet setting gave users only the option of placing the home team first. Now the order for each team can be set individually.

Version 2016.002 (1/18/2016)

Problems Corrected

Error downloading data
Some needed files were missing from the installation program.
Error Code 47 on Control
On some installations, the program would report an invalid file structure on Control.tps. A change was made to catch this situation and correct the offending data file.

Version 2016.001 (1/5/2016)

Problems Corrected

FM3 File Version Error
An error would open that indicated the need for an updated file version on NationalTeam.
Field Validation Error
An error would sometimes occur when trying to save the home team saying that the FTPTransportType was out not a valid value

Version 2016.000 (1/2/2016)

Changes and New Features

Road To Nationals
The program now reads team, meet, and roster data entered on and uses it to set up the home team and meets. The team rosters are now entered automatically when the home team and the meet are set up to use national data.
Judge ID
The program can now record judges' nationally assigned ID number. This is used to uniquely identigy a judge.
Meet Referee
A new meet selection allows entering the meet referee.
Added a field to the chat window to let the user enter their name to use instead of (or in addition to) MAIN, VAULT, etc. Use a prompt of "My Name:". The entry is saved when the window is closed and read again when the window opens and sets the default name.
Display Scoreboard
Scoreboard definition records now include two new options. The first is to force all data to upper case. The second is for individual event finals meets and tells the program to include a data block for the currently performing on each event.
New Season
The program now automatically adds the new season when the program is updated each year.
Home Team National Interface
Added new settings to select the home team from data downloaded from
Home Team Gymnasts
When starting a new season, the program can now automatically update to the new season by adding the new and continuing gymnasts to the new season.
Official Score Sheet Report
A new check box field for a yellow or red conduct card now appears for each team. It will say Yellow Card and be unchecked if no conduct violation occurred. It will be checked if a yellow card has been issued and will say Red Card if a red card (for 2 or more violations) has been issued.
Meet Location
The meet location is now set with the home team rather than in program options. This allows an institution with both men's and women's teams to specify different meet venues.
Coach Name
The name field size was increased from 40 characters to 50.

Problems Corrected

Data Path Issues
Corrected an issue where data paths ending in a backslash (mainly root folders of mapped drives such as Z:\) would not work and the program could not find the data.
Importing a Meet
If there were more gymnasts that would fit on the screen, you could not scroll to the ones at the bottom.
All American Report
Several issues were corrected in the report that was add in the 2015 version.

Known Issues

Uploading Meet Results
Uploading results to implementation has not been completed.