ScoreKeeper 2020 History

This page lists the version history for ScoreKeeper starting with the 2020 version. Click here to see the history for another season.

You can jump to any release by clicking a link below. Listings show the most recent release first.

Lists of changes and fixes to each Windows version of ScoreKeeper are on separate pages for each season and version. Click on the version to see the changes for that season.

Version 2020.005 (3/03/2020)

Problems Corrected

Generating XML Files
An internal structure was declared twice possibly causing a memory conflict and program crash.
Score Validation Report
A minor problem caused the Score Validation Report to default to the wrong file name when generating the report as a PDF file.

Version 2020.004 (2/28/2020)

Problems Corrected

Generating XML
An incomplete XML filen was generated.

Version 2020.003 (2/25/2020)

Changes and New Features

Importing a Meet
Added a button to delete extraneous unassigned gymnasts on the home team.

Problems Corrected

Deleting a Meet
A feature that was designed to prevent accidentally deleting gymnast scores was causing the program to fail when deleting a meet.

Version 2020.002 (1/22/2020)

Problems Corrected

Updating National Data
There are three places in ScoreKeeper where you can update the national data downloaded from One is from the home team setup screen. The next is when adding a new meet. The third is from the Internet menu on the National Data submenu. Unfortunately, the first two could result in an incomplete update because some files that need to first be deleted, are open and the program failed at deleting them but did so silently. The third method, from the menu, did not have this problem unless one of the other screens mentioned was already open.
Meet Results XML
An uncommon combination of settings resulted in the program crashing when trying to generate the XML file.

Version 2020.001 (12/11/2019)

Changes and New Features

Fix for
A recent change to caused ScoreKeeper to reject the connection due to a problem in that web site's security certificate. ScoreKeeper was changed to ignore the problem.

Version 2020.000 (9/29/2019)

Changes and New Features

Hand Scoring Half Sheet Report
Changed to handle 6 judges instead of 4.
Changed to report the short team name for Individual competitors.
Score Validation Sheets Report for Team Meets
Changed to handle 6 judges instead of 4.
Changed to report the short team name for Individual competitors.
Small cosmetic adjustments to field positions.
License Expiration
If a newer version of ScoreKeeper is installed over an old one and the old license has not yet expired, the new version will use the old license and will run until that license expires.