Gymnastics ScoreKeeper News

This is an archive of previous ScoreKeeper News newsletters. The archive is incomplete but will be updated over the coming weeks.

The list below is in reverse order so that the most recent newsletters are at the top.

Volume 57 January 12, 2018 ScoreKeeper 2018.0.4.1368 Now Available
New XML Data
Errors With WebCode.tps
Reporting Error Messages
Volume 56 January 5, 2018 ScoreKeeper 2018.0.3 Now Available
Volume 55 January 3, 2018 ScoreKeeper 2018.0.2 Now Available
Volume 54 December 16, 2017 ScoreKeeper 2018 Now Available
New Invoicing System Works
Update on Time Zones
Volume 53 October 2, 2017 Changes and More Changes
Setup and Testing ScoreKeeper
Remote Access Support
New Ordering System
Thinking About Visiting Thailand?