ScoreKeeper News

Volume 54 - December 16, 2017

ScoreKeeper 2018 Now Available

You can now download ScoreKeeper 2018 from the new web site:

I had really hoped to have this available much sooner but several factors came together to prevent that from happening. It is available now though.

If you have been waiting for the 2018 release to pay your invoice, now is the time. As soon as I get payment notification, I will send out your new activation file.

If you did not get an invoice, it could be that I don't have your correct email address (so why did you get this newsletter?) or there could be a glitch in the system somewhere. That did happen with one school so I know it is possible. So if you didn't get the invoice or you need a new one, let me know by sending an email to or calling 541-250-0228.

New Invoicing System Works

Although it was not without some confusion, my new PayPal invoicing system is working, well, mostly. By using PayPal, I no longer have to deal with all of the hassles of credit cards and the security restrictions required of those who do. PayPal has good security in place and their system works extremely well for payers. It is less wonderful from my end but I can deal with it because the advantages outweigh the problems.

Part of the confusion experienced by some customers is that PayPal is not the only way to make a payment; some schools don't allow payment on PayPal, for example. The other ways to make payments are:

  1. Pay by check. Checks can be sent to the address on the invoice. Paying by check takes a little longer for me to receive the payment and process your order.
  2. Direct bank transfer. Contact me by phone or email for my bank information. Direct transfer is fast and I get notification about as quickly as I do from PayPal.

Another point of confusion (and in some cases annoyance) is that I now process orders and send activation files only after I receive payment. Previously, orders were processed immediately with a purchase order but I often had to wait months for payment and sometimes had to jump through numerous hoops to finally get paid.

Now things work here just like other online businesses. You make the payment then they send your stuff.

Update on Time Zones

In trying to make it simple to understand the time zone difference between the US and where I am in Thailand, I may have given too much information making things more confusing rather than less. So here is my second attempt.

This table shows the times during standard time in the US for the Pacific and Eastern Time Zones and the time in Thailand, which doesn't observe daylight savings time.

Pacific Eastern Thailand
5:00am 8:00am 8:00pm
6:00am 9:00am 9:00pm
7:00am 10:00am 10:00pm
8:00am 11:00am 11:00pm
9:00am 12:00pm 12:00am
10:00am 1:00pm 1:00am
A guy's gotta sleep sometime
7:00pm 10:00pm 10:00am
8:00pm 11:00pm 11:00am
9:00pm 12:00am 12:00pm
10:00pm 1:00am 1:00pm
11:00pm 2:00am 2:00pm
12:00am 3:00am 3:00pm

The times shown are when I will usually be available by phone using my US phone number: 541-250-0228. Because I actually have a life, I may not be at home and in front of a computer at all times so, for technical issues, it is a good idea to schedule a call or use email.

Voice mail reaches me so leave a message if I don't answer.