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This web site is the home of Peter Gysegem Software and the Gymnastics ScoreKeeper software.

One corner of this site is for Peter Gysegem's personal information, travel logs, and writing. Click the Personal button at the bottom on the left if you are curious.

IMPORTANT: This web site is not a "secure" site and your browser may warn you that this is the case. What it means is that I didn't pay someone to sell me a certificate and update it every year for even more money. Certificates like this would let you know that I am the owner of the site. Big deal.

Not being a secure site also means that pages here are not encrypted. For this kind of site, encrypted data is superfluous. Nothing here is secret or confidential. There are no logins or passwords to protect, no custromer informatrion, no ordering, and no credit cards, only pages of information.

If you want to run screaming from this site because of this, be my guest. I don't want to increase the prices of my products to pay for something that is unnecessary. I hope you will agree.

My software, on the other hand, is protected with a different and more comprehensive certificate and that really is a big deal. It guarantees that the software comes from me and has not been infected with malware. It also minimizes the annoying messages from Windows that pop up when you are installing software from an unknown publisher. The software certificate guarantees that I am a known publisher, have been investigated, and determined to be legitimate. I would hate to learn at this stage of life that I am illegitmate.